«complexity nr. 2» – «growing together in diversity»

An interactive art-science project at the Wonca Europe conference 2017 in Prague

performed by Swiss artists in the exhibition hall during the conference
under the umbrella of the Wonca special interest group on «complexities in health»

Photo by Andreas Fahrni

Bruno Kissling, family doctor, artist, Switzerland
Esther Quarroz, art therapist, artist, Switzerland
with Andreas Fahrni, professional photographer, Switzerland

Pictures are more than thoughts and provide a different point of view. That is the inspiration for what the artists intend with their performance. They create a visual art installation on the conference theme driven by aesthetic criteria, enriching the conference participants' intellectual work.

All attendees are invited to enter in dialogue with the artists and contribute to the evolution of the installation through their interactions.

The artists ensure an exciting process with an unforeseeable result.

The process will be documented by a professional photographer.