Scholarship Information

The scholarship has been announced. 10 awardees out of 30 were notified. See the list of countries which the scholarship winners come from.

Sri Lanka


The Czech Society of General Practice of Czech Medical Association J. E. Purkyne, as the official organizer of the Prague WONCA Europe 2017 Conference, offers a scholarship program to provide the opportunity for young family physicians/general practitioners from Europe to attend.

The selected nominee receives an award of up to 500 EUR to support expenses connected to attending the Prague WONCA Europe Conference (June 28 - July 1, 2017). Please note that the number of scholarships is limited and there is only one award per country available!

The deadline for scholarship applications is March 15, 2017

Documents required
  • 1. Motivation letter (max. 200 words; including brief statement of your financial need for scholarship )
  • 2. Curriculum vitae (brief CV, 2 pages formate A4)
  • 3. Diploma (scanned copy)
  • 4. Age confirmation (copy of any ID)
  • 5. Letter of recommendation (Ministry of Health, Medical Chamber) or at best from the country's family/general practice organization (if one exists).

Please send all the documents to the e-mail address:

Goals of the International Scholarship Program
  • 1. Advance family medicine in Europe
  • 2. Assist nations with the need and potential for growth.
  • 3. Support the development of outstanding future leaders internationally.

Requirements for Eligibility
  • 1. Applicants must have completed medical studies, be in specialization training or early practice of family medicine and no older than 35.
  • 2. Must be fluent in English.
  • 3. Applications must be supported by an official body (Ministry of Health, Medical Chamber) or at best from the country's family/general practice organization (if one exists).
  • 4. Priority is given to applicants who provide accepted abstracts for the Prague conference, but it is not a necessary condition.
  • 5. Priority is given to participants from low income and lower-middle income countries (according to the World Bank classification system)

Criteria for Selection
  • 1. Personal need for financial support.
  • 2. Personal potential for contributing to the development of FM in their home country.
  • 3. Strength of proposed activities during the Prague conference visit.
  • 4. Strength of proposed activities upon returning to their home country.
  • 5. Regional needs and potential for FM development.

International scholars are expected to submit a brief written report on their activities during the Prague WONCA Europe 2017 Conference including how they plan to use their experience back home. The report should be sent no later than one month after the conference.

Delegate sponsorship

50-500 EUR

WONCA delegates come from many countries around Europe. Sometimes it is difficult for a delegate to cover all of the costs for attendance on their own, especially if they come from low or lower-middle income countries.
Particularly for such participants, we would like to set up a special fund for financial assistance or a scholarship to attend.
Please consider sponsoring a delegate.
Sponsorship covers registration fees, accommodation and travel expenses to and from the WONCA Europe 2017 Conference in Prague.

Thank you for your support and generosity.