Practice Visits

Maybe you are one of the delegates to WONCA Europe Prague 2017 who have decided to visit a Czech GP clinic and take a close look at to the system of Primary Care in the Czech Republic.

The Host Organizing Committee offers more than 100 slots during the first day of the conference. Practice visits are held on June 28th at 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. local time and the duration of the visit is approximately 75 minutes. Participants will be divided into groups of 5 to 7.

Please note that estimated travel time from central Prague to the clinic can be up to one hour each way and that transportation will be at your own cost (please note all registered participants of WONCA EUROPE CONFERENCE 2017 will receive Free PUBLIC TRANSPORT TICKET, received on-site at the registration desk, the ticket will be valid within the dates of the conference). Of course, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the transport and the address of your host clinic.

If you like to participate or if you have questions regarding the practice visit, please contact:

Unfortunately, there is a limited capacity to sign up for a visit in a Czech GP clinic!

Further information regarding your clinic visit will be sent two weeks prior to your arrival in Prague.

The Czech GPs are looking forward to welcoming you!

Host Organizing Committee members

Primary Care Czech Republic
Find here a brief presentation on Primary Care Czech Republic

Insurance, travel expenses, accommodation: You are requested to arrange your own health and travel insurance for your stay in Prague. The insurance should also cover the practice visit, if you are planning to participate in this activity. The congress organizer is not responsible for any injuries or damage occurring during the congress or during your stay in Prague/the Czech Republic. Please note that the participants are expected to pay for the transport from their place of accommodation to the GP clinic and back, as well as for their accommodation.