Gold Partner

Servier, founded in 1954, is the number 1 independent French original pharmaceutical company with over 21,000 employees, including nearly 3,000 researchers. Servier is present in 146 countries over five continents and 92% of Servier´s medicines are prescribed outside of France.

27% of Servier´s turnover is reinvested in research because our own research and development are of the utmost importance to us. Main research areas and product portfolio are the following: cardiovascular diseases (coronary artery diseases, venous disease, thrombosis, hypertension), central nervous system and psychiatry (depression, anxiety), oncology, diabetes and metabolic diseases. 900 million units of medicine are sold by the Servier group every year. Servier provides a professional service to doctors and immediately responds to the suggestions and needs of doctors as well as provides the education for patients.

Bronze Partners

Pfizer is a global innovative pharmaceutical company engaged in all the therapeutic areas.

Pfizer Inc. is a leading global biopharmaceutical company in the area of drug research and development. Since its foundation in 1849, it has its headquarters in New York, USA. In the Czech Republic, Pfizer was established in 1993. It is involved in research, development and sale of human medicinal products, also including biologicals and vaccines. Additionally, Pfizer carries out clinical trials of new drugs, including in the Czech Republic. Worldwide, Pfizer invested more than 192 billion CZK (7,69 billion USD) in research and development of new drugs in 2015. It employs more than 96 000 people worldwide.

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