VdGM Pre-conference

Young Doctors,

WONCA Europe 2017 will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, at the Prague Congress Centre from Wednesday, 28 June 2017, through Saturday, 01 July 2017.

The Pre-conference, organized by the Czech Young GPs, a registered association and the Vasco da Gama Movement, will take place Tuesday, 27 June and Wednesday, 28 June, at the Kaiserštějnský Palace, Malostranské náměstí 23/37,Prague 1, Czech Republic.Selected applicants will also have the opportunity to participate in a VdGM Pre-conference Exchange taking place on Monday, 26 June 2017 across the Czech Republic. For more information see here.

Please note that the registration for the 2017 VdGM Pre-conference and WONCA Europe Conference 2017 are separate processes. Therefore, if you also want to attend the WONCA Europe Conference 2017 you must register for the main Conference.

Please register for the VdGM PRECONFERNCE as soon as possible but no later than 31/05/2017 
Please also note the REGISTRATION for the VdGM Preconference takes place at the Preconference venue KAISERSTEIN PALACE

VdGm Pre-conference 70Euro

Social Event 20 Euro


If you are a doctor in training for GP/FM, or a GP/FM specialist less than 5 years after graduation you should register as a “Young Doctor” for WONCA Europe 2017. Please note that you are kindly asked to forward signed proof of your status from your university, GP Training Organisation or GP College to wonca2017@guarant.cz.

If documentation is not received within 7 days after your registration, you will receive an additional invoice of an amount summing up to the ordinary delegate fee. The amount due is to be settled immediately.

Program for VdGM Pre-conference 2017, Prague, Czech Rep.
Kaiserštějnský Palace, Malostránské náměstí 23/37, Prague 1

Monday 26th June:
Pre-conference Exchange

Tuesday 27th June:
08,00-09,00 Registration

09,00-10,00 Opening Ceremony
10,00-10,30 Keynote: Dr. Jo Buchanan, UK, President of EURACT
10,30-11,00 Coffee Break
11,00-12,30 Let's grow together in..... Working Groups + Europe Council
12,30-13,30 Lunch
13,30-15,00 Workshop + Europe Council
15,00-15,30 Coffee Break
15,30-17,00 Workshop + Europe Council
19,00 Social Event – Kaiserstein Palace - dinner + DJ Forrest Pine

The workshops:
2x practical skills
  • Focused on the prevention
  • Personal experience as a motivational tool for long live prevention

2x discussion workshops
  • Delivering serious news in palliative care
  • Drawing family circles

If you want to know more about workshops click here :-)

Wednesday 28th June:
09,00-10,30 Let's grow together in..... Working Groups + preparing of presentations
10,30-11,00 Coffee Break
11,00-13,00 Presentations
                      Keynote: Dr. Marie Claire Thomas, UK, President of VdGM
                      Closing ceremony

17,00 WONCA Europe Prague - will be held at the Prague Congress Centre (PCC)!

The registration for Pre-conference exchange is closed now.

If you want to still register to VdGM Preconference, please, contact us or wonca2017@guarant.cz, thank you. You can also register for the preconference dinner until June 23.....