Young Doctors


WONCA 2017 VdGM Pre-conference in Prague

While the Vasco de Gama Movement WONCA 2016 Pre-conference is going on in Copenhagen right now, the Czech Republic Society of Young GPs is making preparations for organising the next Pre-conference in Prague. We can build on our previous experience when back in 2013 we organised the World Pre-conference. The number of participants in the Pre-conference has been growing every year and therefore we expect to welcome a large number of attendees. All the preparations are up and running at the moment. The pre-conference venue, which has been booked, is a representative building of Kaiserstein Palace in the very heart of Prague. There will also be an extensive social programme. The pre-conference facebook site is now being developed and there will be a mini-exchange programme before the beginning of the preconference. The key topic of the event will be "Growing Together in Diversity" and we believe this will inspire you to come up with exciting thoughts and ideas. The Vasco da Gama Pre-conference provides a unique opportunity to share and exchange experience with foreign colleagues, find out more about how training and further education systems work in each country and learn more about the Vasco da Gama Movement and what it offers to its members. But first of all it is a neworking platform for establishing new contacts and friendship which often extend beyond the conference rooms.

We invite you most cordially to Prague! 2017 is ours!

Kristýna Kožoušková, Norbert Král
Czech Society of Young GPs Members of WONCA 2017 Prague Organising Committee